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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
There's a chance though, to make a big breakthrough and vastly increase your level of understanding - any moment now.

Cool! I'll report the event here as soon as it happens.

Standing by...

Monday, October 10, 2005
Transiting Mercury Trine Natal Uranus

Einstein had a lot of days like this. The metaphorical light bulb pops on in your head. So what if it's 3:00 am? Get up and write it down. Important stuff infiltrates your gray matter, seeking black and white definition. Comply with the gifts of brilliance that the universe offers you. You get answers with a flash of intuition. There's no slow deductive process going on here, just a speeding up of thought that enables you to leap over mental blocks and find radical and effective answers.

Didn't happen. I was kind of slow and stupid, actually.

Saturday, August 13, 2005
Now here's a great fortune:

Your week ahead: This is no ordinary week. Exceptional alignments in the sky are creating some rather wonderful options and alternatives. You don't have to choose between any of these, you just have to watch them as they arise and wait until the right ones become undeniably obvious. Overcome the urge to seize the first bright chance that you are presented with. No matter how hungry you feel or how long it has been since you were last able to satiate a particular appetite, you are now entering an era of abundance. Consider yourself entitled to pick and choose. make a selection based on faith and inspiration. Don't worry, things won't go wrong.
I'm not going to say a thing. Standby and let's see how this turns out!

UPDATE: So far, I've had several amazing opportunities for getting myself in trouble. I had a cop throw me out of a closed area, twice, then got myself 86'ed from a Yahoo Group. Neither one took any effort on my part, that just sort of happened.

UPDATE: Here's what it says today:
Your ideal situation is out there and its manifestation begins with your acceptance of your dreams. Don't sell yourself short. Imagination rules; if you can visualize it, then it can become real.
Again, I'm not going to say a word. I'm just gonna visualize me and the Olsen twins in a hot tub full of Mazola.

UPDATE: This is Wednesday, and here's what the horoscope has to say:
Every passing day now brings you a new insight, a deeper understanding, a better grasp of some complex or baffling matter. You won't ever make sense of a certain situation. Ultimately, it is beyond all reason. You will, though, soon see it from a perspective that makes you feel a lot more comfortable. You've got good people around you now - and you're doing something that you're perfectly capable of making a success of. It's merely a matter of remaining willing to learn - and of trusting the initiations and offers you are starting to receive.
I wouldn't say that I'm getting any insight, or that things are complex or baffling, but I will say that I've got some good people onboard now. Just had a really successful meeting, a project I've been pushing for the last six months is finally starting to roll.

Maybe there's something to this astrology thing after all.

Today it says:
As the Moon in Aquarius conjuncts dreamy Neptune today, you may find yourself enjoying a delusional world that is your reality alone. Don't share all your thoughts with others now, for they may not understand.
Well, there ya go. Guess blogging will be light today.

EPILOG: My weekly forecast was right about things not going wrong, but all the rest about abundance and undeliably obvious options was undeniably hyperbolic. The daily forecasts were even less useful.

I guess that's why people say they use them for "entertainment".

Tuesday, August 09, 2005
I'm thinking about what a complete waste of time the astrology websites have been for me. For example, yesterday's fortune was:
You must attend to the demands being placed on you, taking action and checking off the items on your list of things to do. The problem is that you may find it difficult to stay focused today. You'd rather be daydreaming, home watching TV or going to a movie. Take care of the details first and then you'll have guilt-free time to activate your imagination.
Pretty damned useless advice, isn't it? Like who wouldn't rather be home watching T.V. on a Monday?

Another said:
It's unsettling for you to see too many options now, for you thought you had a sensible plan of attack. However, a situation has developed where your ideas are meeting immoveable resistance. Your first response is to get angry, but this will only make matters worse. Slow down and let circumstance be your guide. The path will open again when your sense of urgency passes.
What actually happened was that I went to work, did my job, did some chores, then went home and curled up in front of my computer with a sixpack. No big ideas. No resistance. No urgency. No anger.

Maybe I'm just enlightened, and handled my problems really well.

Or maybe Monday's prognostications were freaking worthless.

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